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By Tink Flaherty

Having a ‘bed day’ suggests spending a day in bed doing nothing. A ‘duvet day’ is associated with needing a whole day in bed to relax. ‘Can’t get out of bed’ implies a person is struggling with their mental health. Bed Blocker is a person who occupies a hospital bed long-term, the suggestion being they might be overstaying their welcome. 

I want to challenge the stigma associated with spending a day in bed seen as time-written off against the capitalist expectation to always ‘be productive’ by sharing a series of intimate performances directly from my bed together with seven other artists. Challenging the notion that having ‘bed days’ is something to hide, a waste of time and a signifier of being lazy, instead for me a day in bed is an act of self care.

Someone suggested that during the lockdown people were not working from home- they were living at work. As an artist I think this statement resonates with me. A day in bed doesn’t always mean failure. Sometimes it is the only way to avoid burnout. It is the political action of opting out. A way of taking care of ourselves and at times a lifeline. 

BedBlogger is the calumniation of the work of seven independent artists who for different reasons have ended up spending a day or more in bed. Each has come up with a unique approach to the provocation of creating work directly from their bed.




Moni Onojeruo (they/them) is a freelance theatre maker and facilitator based in South East London. Despite never completing their MA in Applied Theatre Moni is passionate about the use of theatre to develop community relationships and as a tool for development with young people. When Moni isn’t directing young people they work as an Audience Development Co-ordinator, ensuring theatre venues are an accessible and inclusive space for their local communities.

Twitter: @monono91


Lucy Hutson is a queer live artist and author 

Lucy finds inspiration in there continued confusion and anger at the world thay inhabits 

thay are a Prosecco Anarchist making work that questions human nature and interrupts social order



Peyvand Sadeghian is a performer and performance maker born, bred and based in London. Socially and professionally she has a reputation for being “busy.” Even when she’s asleep her legs kick, she tosses and turns, and has been known to walk and talk. Recently she was cast in a commercial in which her role was a sleeping woman, so she’s even made being in bed in some way productive. 

Other recent work includes DUAL دوگانه  (Vault Festival 2020, Show of the Week Award), Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran (Fringe First award 2019), Pirates (feature film by Reggie Yates due for release 2021)

Twitter/Insta: @peyvandofpersia


Eliza Goroya makes gifs, videos, photos and words for the love of extraordinary people.


Abra Flaherty is a fashion conscious, music loving 16 year old theatre student studying at The Brit School. She cares about how she spends her time and values friendships, family and mental health. This is her first commission which she is very excited for, and is looking forward to hearing the experience of others, as well as sharing her own and hopes other people can relate to it.


Adam Frost is a Queer, Working Class, Visual Artist, Fashion Designer, Performance Artist and Musician. All such artistries take inspiration from biographical moments and happening's in Frost's everyday life, such as Queer experiences, death, depression, sexual health and he's London working class struggles. Frost cannot have one artistry without the other to create a fully realised production of arts.

Recently studying MA Fashion at the Royal College Of Art, but approaching the degree as a multi media artist, although getting onto such an established degree, Frost got shingles from the stress of having no money to pay for the degree. Frost then got suspended for a week, until they discovered a different student loan company, however now in more debt. Frost is back in RCA, on a leave of absence. Frost is now working on concept 'SHINGLES' coming 2021, a multi disciplined art show. 

Twitter: @AdamFrostStudio 


Dr Daniel Oliver is a dyspraxic Live Artist and academic based in London, UK. In his performance work he makes up awkward, dyspraxic, participatory worlds that have toured throughout the UK and overseas. He teaches in the Drama Department at Queen Mary University of London. He has published several academic articles and book chapters on audience participation, awkwardness and neurodiversity, and a book on his performances called Awkwoods – published by the Live Art Development Agency.


Tink Flaherty is an artist making intimate, provocative work exploring disability, class and connectivity. Their practice includes public intervention as well as devised autobiographical performance. Tink is neurodivergent and committed to creating work that is accessible and engaging for neurodivergent audiences. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Contact Tink at




Efi Ntoumouzi is a London based user experience and interface designer with a particular interest in accessibility and universal design. She has collaborated with Tink on this project, offering her web design skills and curation experience. Her portfolio work can be found on:


Katy Baird is an artist and producer of Live Art.


As an artist she has performed at international festivals and venues throughout the UK and Europe as well as squat parties, clubs and raves. Her work explores ideas around class, gender and sexuality and can last anything between six minutes to six hours. Depending on the context her work can take the form of theatre, cabaret, film, installation, drag or participatory performance.


She is the Artistic Director of arts charity Home Live Art based in Hastings, East Sussex and Co-Director of Steakhouse Live, a DIY platform for radical performance practices in London.