My sin

by Peyvand Sadeghian

Mohhamad Mossadegh

Former Prime Minister of Iran 1951-53

Mystery malaise and ill health deemed an ‘odd mannerism’*

A symbol of anti-imperialism

So much so that he conducted his business from bed in grey woolen pyjamas (fitting since it is a Persian word after all)

So offensive to capitalist imperialist racist sentiment was he that the Americans and British backed a coup against him.

Just because he sat in bed, this did not mean he remained silent. Mossadegh believed that would have been a sin.

From his bed he did not compromise.

اگر خاموش بنشینم گناه است


Mossadegh in bed.

Mossadegh in bed.

Mossadegh in bed.

Mossadegh in bed.

Mossadegh in bed.

The Evening Standard 1951.


My bed is not a safe space

Low rumbles of purrs provide the soundtrack to my own thoughts

I don’t need my head in a duvet to go to a dark place

They say the vibrations of a cat heals bones

I say it heals my mind

Limbs weighed down by critical voices

Mossadegh oiled the wheels towards revolution from his bed

What have I achieved?